Friday, October 9, 2009

Dildo Update

I realized I should probably post a picture of the beautiful cock I ordered. I meant to buy the white one, but I realized my mistake too late. Looks like I'll be servicing a hung black man with my mouth and boi pussy from now on!!! I'll be sure to post a video ;)


I couldn't wait to share! I just bought a dildo online at They currently have a deal that gets you 50% off one item, a free mystery gift, and three free dvd's if you enter the code "yes" Needless to say, I'm counting the days!!!!

sissy kisses,

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Assignment One

Sissy Master and (hopefully) other readers,

I just saw Master's blog tonight and was compelled to obey. I immediately opened the first assignment and read eagerly.

Luckily, I already had a trimmer in my bathroom. I began shaving my chest on the "lowest setting." My clitty and then my underarms were next. Finally, my upper thighs were all but bare. I had never seen my hair in those places so short. However, I changed the settings and began trimming the remaining hair on my legs. I realized that my trimmer's settings were backwards and I had actually used a longer setting on my short areas. My clitty started leaking pre-cum as I re-trimmed all my hair with the shortest setting. And I thought my chest was bare before!

As I was shaving my legs, I made another mistake...I shaved against the grain of the hair on one leg and made it even shorter! However, knowing it would make me feel more feminine, I used the same technique on the other leg.

I am now sitting on my couch reporting the task to you all. I am horny beyond belief, but since I have a cold, I dare not cum. I feel like swallowing my entire load would be very uncomfortable while coughing and fighting a sore throat. However, I will probably end up cumming and dare not anger Master on the first assignment; so, if need be, I will swallow.

Also, I am ordering my first dildo online! I never expecting following through with sissification so much, but Master's sight and the other sissy blogs were so overwhelming!!!

sissy kisses,
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